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Med Chem Postdoc

Mucopolysaccharidosis Type III also known as Sanfilippo disease is a devastating neurodegenerative LSD of childhood and the most frequent lysosomal disease currently lacking a specific therapy. We require a medicinal chemist postdoc to work on a structure-based design NIH STTR project focused on developing a small molecule chaperone for this rare disease. The individual will identify the best route to synthesize iminosugar analogs, whether locally or outsourced. They will work under the direction of a consultant and Dr. Sean Ekins. Our close collaborators will be at UCSD and The University of Montreal. This may be an ideal project for someone that is independent and wants to work at a small company focused on developing treatments that could be rapidly translated. There would be the opportunity to learn about structure-based design, rare diseases, grant writing and the opportunity to publish in a novel area as well as work with world class scientists focused on this disease. There may also be the opportunity for additional projects after this one is completed.

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Phoenix Nest considers strategic pharmaceutical partnerships as critical to help further our mission to bring treatments to the clinic for Sanfilippo Syndrome.

Phoenix Nest is an ideal partner for academic and industry collaborators who have technologies and need funding to go to the proof of concept stage and beyond.

Phoenix Nest is looking to collaborate with groups that may have large or small molecule assets that could be applied Sanfilippo Syndrome, please contact info@phoenixnestbiotech.com


Phoenix Nest is an early stage company focused on developing clinical stage assets (large and small molecule) for rare diseases. We welcome enquiries from potential investors that can help move us faster towards our goal. Please contact info@phoenixnestbiotech.com



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