As parents with children suffering from chronic or fatal conditions, we turn our homes into clinics, filled with medications, care and medical devices. All we want to do is keep our children as happy, safe and as comfortable as we can, in hopes that they will survive. Phoenix Nest is synonymous with that, the mythical Phoenix made her nest out of Frankincense, myrrh and spices, all known to have medicinal qualities. As parents with chronically ill children we care for our children in hopes that they will be able to leave our nests and start families of their own.
— Jill Wood


Phoenix Nest collaborates with academic researchers to help them fund and commercialize their technologies. Phoenix Nest licenses assets from companies and universities that may have utility for Sanfilippo Syndrome IIIB, IIIC and IIID.



Research on enzyme replacement therapies (IIID), Chaperone therapy (IIIC) and Stem cell/gene therapy approach (IIIB).


We are working with leading academics and have engaged in a strategy of licensing key technologies to facilitate this goal.

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